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Year 2005 of My Rocking Chair Memories

    Christmas in Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Heading to Albuquerque we called and visited my Aunt Ernestine and Uncle Bob. I was lucky to get to see Robin, Melinna and Dick as well.

    "Cinnamon Morning"

    We arrived in Albuquerque and drove to Old Town. Did some shopping and call several Bed and Breakfasts, a Bed and Breakfast to stay in. "Cinnamon Morning"

    Sue treated us like we were long lost cousins. She is just the sweatest thing we have found in New Mexico. Check out her web site for more information on her lovely home.

    "Cinnamon Morning"
    Sue and Dick Percilick
    2700 Rio Grade Blvd. N.W.
    Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104
    Phone: 505-345-3541
    Toll Free: 800-214-9481
    Fax: 505-342-2283

    "Tucanos Brazilian Grill"

    Sue suggested we try the "Tucanos Brazilian Grill" for dinner. We was marvelous. They have a great big salad bar with vegetables. Then you have a cylinder on your table. Turn the green end up and they bring you meats off the grill. Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Pineapple, etc. Turn the red end up when you want them to wait. Lay the cylinder on it's side and your waiter comes running, and they DO!


    Bob speaks at 10:30 am June 13, 2005 Advanced Media And the New Media Agency Besides all of the Festival activities that we enjoyed at The Fairmont Banff Springs. Its unique blend of opulence and seclusion has been a symbol of Rocky Mountain. Bob's part in the Festival was very successfull, then we had a great time enjoying the sites of Banff. Banff beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canada. The Eye on Banff shows the Town of Banff, with Cascade Mountain.


    Catching our plane out of Calgary we went to Calgary, Alberta, Canada on June 13th and went to the revolving Calgary Tower for dinner. Tuesday morning we went to Calgary Zoo, then caught our plane home.

    New Orleans, Lousiana - 2005

    THANKSGIVING - New Orleans

    Katrina has done her damage. Thanksgiving, 3 months after the hurricane you drive down the streets that have been abandoned. You can watch the news but you can not smell the smells and see the flies and rodents. You see the water lines up to the eaves of the homes. And no one is there. It's like a ghost town.

    We stayed in a hotel in the French Quarter. French Quarter is in pretty good shape, they just don't have anybody to work, so hours in every open store is at a minimum. There is a curfew and everyone must be off the streets by midnight.

    We had bignets from Cafe Du Mond

    We walked up and down ROYAL and BURBON streets and walking to Jackson Square

    We took the Ferry over to "The Dock" for dinner.

    Guide to hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and culture

    One day we took highway 10 to Biloxi, Mississippi to look at the damage of the coast. We ran into two bridges that were out and we had to back track and continue on. It took us about 8 hours to make the 2 hour trip. But we wanted to witness the destruction of Katrina

    We spent most of our time in depression and crying.

    ~ New Orleans 2005 ~
    ~ New Mexico 2005 ~
    ~ Memorial Day 2005 ~
    ~ Holidays 2005 ~
    ~ New Orleans ~
    ~ Tucumcari ~

    The International Interactive Media Festival
    June 11 - 13, 2005

    Bob speaks at 10:30 am June 13, 2005
    Advanced Media And the New Media Agency
    • Speakers:
    • Moderator:
      Mike K, VP and Creative Director, Treapeze Media
    • Michael G, Creative Director, Henderson Bas
    • Susan L, Director Creative Contenet, Buena Vista Pictures Marketing
    • Bob Massa, CEO, SearchKing
    • Bryan S, Director of Business Development, comScroe Media Metrix Canada
    The real innovators in interactivity and advanced media are the new media agencies. The singular motivator of trying to sell stuff to people using any and all digital avenues possible has yielded a blast of awesome creativity that not only has to make money, but entertains and points the way to a brave new world for consumer brands, the gaming industry, media companies and others. Learn from some of the world's most important players how new media agencies are rocking the television industry's world and find out what it means for your business.

    baff-springs-sm (40K)
    Banff Fairmont Springs Hotel, Alberta - Canada

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